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My little boy at Three months old and growing so fast!

Where does the time go?  I mean just look at him compared to his 2 month photos!  Is it just me – or is he growing way too fast!?  At just 3.5 months old – this little guy has stolen our hearts!!  I can’t even express the love I have for him and the joy he brings to my life.  Now I know what all of those moms have been talking about for so long.  So I’ll always remember, I wanted to make sure to take note of some of my favorite things about him right now…

  • His head to toe SMILE… he genuinely smiles with his whole body and I love it!
  • His toes are … well … simply the best!  I could play with those feet all day long!
  • His beautiful blue eyes!! Not sure how we lucked out with that – but I adore those eyes!
  • Our mornings together.  He wakes up with the best “I Love You Smile” and I swear he’s saying…”Mom – I’ve missed you since I fell asleep”
  • He’s fascination with himself and the mirror – he knows he’s pretty special.
  • His eager playfulness with his activity mat and anything hanging above his head.
  • The way the outdoors completely calms him down.
  • The look that he gives me during his feedings… I know he’s saying…”Thank you & I love you”
  • His strong effort to mimic our mouth noises.
  • The fact that he soothes himself to dreamland when I hold him close (even though the critics would say – ‘Put that baby down to sleep AWAKE!’)
  • How he holds his blankie tight and gets excited when I bring it to him fresh out of the dryer.
  • This boy loves to try and stand…He is literally in a better mood when I hold him up and let him put his weight on his legs and feet – he loves it!
  • I love/hate this one… TELEVISION – this child is obsessed with TV!  So I’ve been making a pretty strong effort to keep the TV off and music on all day.  Otherwise he would never blink and just stare at it!
  • MASSAGE – how can I forget…He loves baby massage time!  He’s got some pretty dry skin on his legs so every night and morning I massage them with this ointment that he loves.  I’m probably creating a spa baby early…

I could go on and on – but these are the things that I adore the most about him right at this moment. Most of all I love that he came into our lives, rocked our world and forever changed us both for the better.

I love you so dearly Max…

3 month old little boy in blue blanket3 month old little boy in blue blanket with blue eyes3 month old little boy in blue blanket with gorgeous blue eyes

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6 month old baby boys are just the best!

Meet Mr. Mack!!  He’s the new little brother to the greatest family that I’ve been working with since their oldest was born in 2010 (check him out here).  Being around Mack and his brother Wright certainly gave me a vivid glimpse into life with little boys … and I must say… I can’t wait!  Mack – I can’t wait to see how you’ve grown when I see you in the Fall!

little boy laughs and giggleslittle 6 month old sits on couch and sulks then smiles6 month old baby boy sitting on couch in homesweet little toes of a 6 month old baby boygiggles from a 6 month old baby boy

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Our little bundle of LOVE…

Well hello blog!  How I’ve missed you… Well sort of.  I’ve been busy spending the past 8wks head over heels IN LOVE with our new son Max.  He’s simply more than I ever could have dreamed of.  He’s got the sweetest and most gentle spirit and honestly I can’t help but stare at him all day.  So much so I don’t even want to disrupt a moment by pulling out a camera.  Crazy right? My iphone is now so full that I can’t even take another photo before syncing (note to self DO THAT TONIGHT!).  We feel so blessed that this little guy picked us to be his Mom’s and I thank my lucky stars for him daily.  I can’t wait to see what life has in store for him.  Now I’m sure you will hear me talk of him quite a bit on here and so for now – I’ll stop the new mom gushy rambling.  Below are a few pics I’ve taken of him – starting with his most recent 2 month photos that I did recently.  Then the other pics are from earlier in his first few weeks.  The last few are some of my favs that my dear friend Andie Hamilton took of him.  She’s a wizard at newborns!   Hope you all enjoy these images of him half as much as we do… 🙂

2 month old baby boy

baby boy in white cribbaby boy in white cribbaby boy in white cribbaby boy in white crib looking up

baby boy in white crib looking up at mobilebaby boy in white crib looking up at mobile

yep – he’s over this 2m session…baby boy in white about to cryThis blue hoodie one is from when he was about a month old.  I adore how he loves to look out the windows in our home – he’s constantly gazing about.

Here is is with our sweet pup Greta – she is ever the protector with him and thus has become a bit of a diva when company is over.  As of right now…she’s a work in progress.  (IE Training back in full force)a boy and his goldendoodle dog

Here he is at around 3wks old…man does he love this thing!  The MamaRoo – if you are expecting or if you REALLY LOVE someone who is expecting…GET IT!!a baby boy sleeping in mamaroo

One day when he was just past 2wks old I decided to pull out the camera and my newborn goodies and take a few.  He didn’t last all that long but I got a few favs and here is one of them.sleeping baby boy

My two loves are below…and I can’t even begin to describe what a great mom that Angela is to Max.  I took these in about 15 minutes after the poor little guy had a major meltdown.  Can’t tell you how much I love these two images.a mother and her newborn baby boya mom and her newborn baby boy

Because who doesn’t love a newborn yawn…I could stare at this photo of him all day long.  I think he was bout 9 days old.a baby boy yawning

Below are the photos that my dear friend Andie took.  They are just a few of my favs from her time with Max.  THANK YOU ANDIE for capturing these and so many more – it meant the world to us!!  The last photo of Max and I (bottom right) – makes me laugh everytime.  I didn’t realize it then but I certainly know it now…that puckered little lip he’s showing…we’ll.. that’s his POOPY face!  Little did I know!

Max you have stolen our heart and become our world.  We love  you more than you’ll ever know and THANK YOU for finding your way to us!

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simple & beautiful 6 month old – photo of the week

blue eyed 6 month old baby girl grabs her toes on moms bed

Jules Trandem – San Diego CA Photographer | Jasmine Sargent – Bismark ND Photographer |Maureen Wilson – McComb MS Photographer

Jenny Watts Photography – Photo of the Week

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