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home is where it’s at | dallas child photographer

Welcome back to another “Wednesday’s with Watts” 🙂 My day to show off some of my amazing clients I get to work with.

Today in Dallas it’s cold, rainy and dreary and all I want back is the sun!  So while hoping for that I couldn’t help but think of the warmth, the fun, the fall colors and the fabulous girls that I had a chance to meet for this session.  One of the things that I loved most about this session was that it was at their very own home.  They have a gorgeous piece of property outside of Dallas and it made for a perfect shoot!  Theses girls were beyond great!  Both have such a natural sweet disposition and both are oozing with talent!  The older one is a tremendous equestrian (actually her cast is a sports injury that she’s quite proud of – what a rock this child is).  The younger one is a very talented dancer and was recently accepted into the Bolshoi ballet summer intensive – that’s a BIG DEAL!  Really hoping to photograph these girls again next fall – they were such a treat!

Red head sisters just playing around their field around their home in texasSiblings at their home. One girl in pink an the other in gray with a purple castSweet and serious sisters but lots of fun at their ranch in texasRed head sisters playing, laughing, loving around their home in texasRed head cuties laughing and playing around their home.

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    beauty – {dallas child photographer | rockwall senior photographer}

    Meet Taylor, Gracie & Alexis.  You got a sneak peek of them from their family session the other day.  Each so beautiful, kind and unique in their own individual ways.  They are 3 cousins from a phenomenal family I’ve known for about 12 years now.  WOW how they have grown into gorgeous young girls!!  I must admit, as an only child – it’s always so nice to see siblings and extended family be so close – and this family certainly is!  Each of these girls has a younger brother and of course it’s my goal one day to get all 6 of them in a session together!  But for now – the girls will have to do.  🙂

    First up is Taylor.  Stunningly beautiful and with such natural ease and grace.  She’s an avid photographer as well and is headed to Texas Tech for her freshman year.

    north texas senior photographernorth texas senior photographer

    Next up is Alexis.  I’ve known her since she was in her mom’s belly!  She is the first child I’ve known since birth and still have a connection with.  It’s been so amazing watching her grow up and how lucky was I to be able to spend her BIRTHDAY shooting her and her cousins!  Happy 12th Birthday Alexis! (You’ll recognize her I’m sure – from this session and quite a few others)

    rockwall child photographernorth texas family photographer

    Last but certainly not least – meet Gracie.  Wise beyond her years and one of the kindest hearts I’ve seen in a long time.  Those piercing eyes I just adore and I know you will recognize her from my blog header image and this post with Alexis.

    Dallas Child Photographernorth texas child photographerDallas Teen Photographer

    Thank you girls for an amazing session – quite a feat going through your images & narrowing them down.  Loving every second of it! 🙂

    Jenny Watts Photographer | Dallas Family Photographer | Dallas Teen Photographer

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    • ValeriaJenny, these are amazing! I’m in love with this shoot! You always have the most gorgeous clients/models! That first shot took my breath away, seriously.ReplyCancel

    • KateGoodness they are so beautiful. I love your light, and candid poses. Lovely!!!ReplyCancel

    • FayeWow… Simply gorgeous! These girls have the most beautiful eyes, and they know how to work with the camera… Great work!ReplyCancel

    • AmyAbsolutely love these! They are all peffect!ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie MooreJenny my love, your work gets better and better every time I come on here. I mean oh my gosh this is freakin amazing. Not only are they beautiful but your photos are GORGEOUS! I love that last photo so much I wish it was mine!!! You rock my friend!ReplyCancel

    • tabithathese are so stunning. what gorgeous girls!ReplyCancel

    • NickiJenny, you are the best! What I loved most…Alexis’ birthday will not just come and go! The memories of us being together that day and just celebrating with family will forever be in our hearts because of you! Thank you!!! We love you!ReplyCancel

    • DanaThe light is really beautiful in these images. And the girls are gorgeous!ReplyCancel

    • DanaWow the light in these photos is beautiful. Gorgeous subjects too!!ReplyCancel

    • Gail Pomareoh my word Jenny!!!! These are beyond beautiful. what gorgeous girls,and captures. Each one stunning and unique. …. and wow what soulful eyes on Miss Gracie. LOVE these.ReplyCancel

    • Nickiabsolutely gorgeous images and subjects!ReplyCancel

    just a little… – {dallas family photographer}

    … peek into a beautiful session I’m working on this week.  These cousins were much too hard to narrow down – as these girls are gorgeous inside and out and they soaked up every ounce of our session.  Such a treat to work with them!  Typically I’m in love with all rich colors in a photograph – but something about this just worked well in both color and BW.  Stay tuned for more this week…

    Dallas Child PhotographerDallas Child Photographer

    Jenny Watts Photography | Dallas Child Photographer | Dallas Senior Photographer

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    a hat & a smile is all he needs – {dallas baby photographer}

    Oh and a little lovin’ from mommy never hurt either.

    Remember this little guy, Dean from last Christmas?  Well he has managed to get even cuter!  I met he and his mommy (and a few cute outfits) out at a park in Rockwall.  He is too much fun!  Later this year I hope to share more of the ‘sock monkey style’ that he is kickin’ in his nursery.  So super cute.

    dallas baby photographerdallas baby photographerdallas baby photographer


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    • Amy LucyOh so sweet! Really beautiful work as always, Jenny. Those two little teeth sticking out couldn’t be any cuter. What an adorable guy!ReplyCancel

    • kara jowhat a cute little boy:) Love that monkey hat too:) wonderful job!ReplyCancel

    • Calliewell isn’t he adorable! love these…beautiful job!ReplyCancel

    • Gail PomareLove the colours on these Jenny. SO cute!!ReplyCancel

    • tamaraADORABLE!! Beautiful job!ReplyCancel

    • Gretchen GauseToo adorable! That first image is totally perfect 🙂 Absolutely sucks you in to the pure joy of the session. Great job!ReplyCancel

    • shannonwhat a gorgeous boy! bw is divine!ReplyCancel

    • Stephanie MooreJenny these are perfect, I love them. Yes that hat does look just like the one I bought for my clients!!! you did awesome and I love the brown blanket, great job!ReplyCancel

    • tabithaoh goodness! He is so cute!! I LOVE that last one!ReplyCancel

    • ValeriaWow, that very last b&w is TDF!!! I bet his Mama is jumping of joy after seeing all these!
      Beautiful work, JennyReplyCancel

    • HeatherI just love how bright and creamy your photos are! And what a handsome little subject:)ReplyCancel

    • shaunaPure sweetness! Love those tones and that perfect chunky face! LOVE!ReplyCancel

    • shaunaPure sweetness! Love the tones and that gorgeous chunky face.. LOVE!ReplyCancel

    • NickiOH MY, what a cutie! love the creamy skin & PP!ReplyCancel

    • Julesgracious he’s a cutie! love that blanket he’s on … perfect texture next to his sweet skin. love him in his darling hats!ReplyCancel

    Catching up…in Rockwall!

    These two kids I have known since birth.  And it’s simply amazing to watch them both grow to be such amazing young people.  These shots were taken out at a great location in Rockwall,TX.  I wish you could find areas like this in Big D!








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